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Method Design is ran by Jon Barker. With over 13 years of design experience, Method Graphics strives to give every client the perfect image for their event or company. Are you looking for high-end design and amazing service? Request a quote now.

Graphic design is art that communicates visually.


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Rates and Packages


Best for single projects that would need multiple revisions
  • Most new clients will begin hourly until we establish average project work requirements. While it may seem a steep rate, you will find that a good designer can accomplish in less time what takes an unskilled designer longer at lower rate. Quality over quantity works in the favor of my clients as well as myself. Great design in less time saves my clients time and money.


For typical design requests that have specified time restraints
  • Your typical project such as a business card, logo, or social media design will usually take the same amount of time to reach finality. Some larger projects like websites, pamphlets, or magazines will also be priced on a “per-page” basis. Ask if your design need fits into a project rate to help save money and guarantee a completion time. Note: This does not allow for unlimited revisions and the rate may change if the project progresses beyond the agreed timeframe.

Monthly Retainer

For monthly events or high quantity clients
  • Many clients like event companies, need multiple designs on a frequent basis. Having a designer at the ready with a static rate helps you budget your events. This option allows you to have unlimited projects with unlimited revisions based on your monthly retainer. Ask about special rates for your needs. Note: most clients begin hourly until we establish work needs and average project timeframes.

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